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Light and Darkness 
Light in the Darkness
Glass Cup
(Sold) life warned by single light
(Sold) Candle Light
The Light of dream
(Sold) Cherry Blossom
Life warned by the Light 2018
(Sold) Fresh light of summer day
(Sould) Light from darkness

The theme or series of my "Light and darkness" watercolor paintings revolves around the interplay of light and darkness, showcasing how light illuminates objects and creates captivating atmospheres.

Other paintings..

Harmony, Sailing through peace
Reflection of Peace
(Sold) Floating duck
(Sold) Tulips
(Sold) The Garden 2017

Watercolor painting is a captivating and versatile medium that has been cherished by artists throughout history. With its unique transparency and fluidity, watercolors offer endless possibilities for creative expression. 

Small Works
(Sold) Bottle in light - 2
Bottle in light - 1
(Sold) Bottle in light - 5
(sold) Bottle in light - 6
(Sold) Bottle in light - 3
Bottle in light - 4
(Sold out) Golden Gate Bridge
Autumn house

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